Backyard Chickens

Why Backyard Chickens?

At iChicken, we believe that every hobby farm enthusiast can benefit from raising chickens in their backyard. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


If you are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle, owning chickens helps you keep that commitment. The eggs you harvest from your chickens never spend time on a highway to get to you; they were made within feet of your backdoor! Living sustainably means taking responsibility for the food you eat and the path it takes to get to you. When you keep backyard chickens, you walk that path every day on the way to get your fresh eggs!

Knowing what you eat.

At iChicken we do believe in commercial farming as we realize the potential of balanced farming feeding our domestic markets. ¬†We also try as best we can to get as much of our food from as close to home as possible. Where possible, we live by the “10 meter diet” – we try to get as much of our food as we can from within 10 meters of our home. Why? Because when you harvest vegetables, fruits, and proteins from sources you keep and maintain, you know exactly how those food sources were raised and grown. In the case of eggs, you know the food that went into the chicken to make the egg. With vegetables we know the source of fertilizer applicants and the tender hands that went into cultivation and harvest.

Raising chickens is rewarding!

Backyard chickens are something your whole family can be involved in. Being a “coop manager” isn’t rocket science, and it’s certainly a lot of fun! If you want to pass along your ideas about sustainability and healthy living to your family members, the experiences that accompany raising chickens can demonstrate those values in a fun, interesting way.