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Domuvore: add it to your vocabulary!

I remember traveling to Cuba on behalf of the Ontario government in the early 1990’s. This was an agriculture mission, working with the Cuban government on strategies for improving poultry, swine and dairy production. The experience was tremendous, as I … Read the rest

The Best Baked Beans

I recently visited Grandma iChicken in Quebec, where I grew up. She made a fantastic feast for our Easter dinner, including a delicious baked bean recipe that has been around since before I was born! This is a must-try.

The Read the rest

Introduction to Snow!

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Early this winter, I let the chickens out on a day after a light snow fall.  The chickens quickly came out of their door, down the ramp onto the dirt pad, and then stopped.  It was clear that to

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A word on standards…

As fun, rewarding, and interesting as raising your own chickens can be, it’s also work! Great and worthwhile work, but work nonetheless. Paying attention to the details while raising chickens in their environment is really important. Being a chicken manager … Read the rest


When I think of backyard farming, the word that comes to mind is simplicity. Simplicity is the art of getting away from the complexities of life and enjoying the peace and harmony of capturing the harvest at home.  To … Read the rest

Tapping a tree for sap

Few things are as tasty as fresh, natural syrup made from the sap of trees you tap yourself! Tapping a tree for sap is quick and easy, and the cost of the equipment is minimal. Dr. iChicken demonstrates his technique … Read the rest

Chickens at home: it’s for your family!

One of the most rewarding experiences a parent can share with their child is to help them learn life lessons by raising an animal. Unlike a domestic pet, exposure to chickens can teach lessons of health, environmental awareness, and food … Read the rest

Chickens at home: it’s for the environment!

Living sustainably or living “green” means to live in such a way that you reduce your personal impact on the environment. One easy way to decrease your carbon footprint is to eliminate your need to go anywhere but your backyard … Read the rest

Chickens at home: it’s for your health!

It’s no secret that eating whole, nutritious foods is important for overall health, especially if you have small children or elderly people around your kitchen table. Pesticides and contaminants can enter our bodies through the food we eat, so it’s … Read the rest