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GoPro video series: Feather eating

In my “GoPro on a Rooster” series of videos, we are going undercover inside my chicken coop to see how my chickens behave when humans aren’t around. In this video, I can see one of my hens eating feathers….

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My Free Range Broilers

Free Range Broilers

Meet my broiler chickens! Broilers are chickens we raise with the intention of harvesting them for their meat, as opposed to layer chickens, which we raise primarily for the eggs they lay. I raise both categories, and have a coop … Read the rest

A word on standards…

As fun, rewarding, and interesting as raising your own chickens can be, it’s also work! Great and worthwhile work, but work nonetheless. Paying attention to the details while raising chickens in their environment is really important. Being a chicken manager … Read the rest

Time to keep them in!

My chickens enjoy the free run in my garden.

Good day iChickeners! I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of spring as much as I am. I want to share a humorous, short story with you that serves as … Read the rest

At long last, our layer coop!

It’s been more than a year in the making, but our layer coop is finally built and is now abuzz with activity! I’ll devote plenty of upcoming posts explaining to you what I did, how I did it, and why … Read the rest

How do you know you have a healthy chick?

Healthy chicks become healthy chickens! So how do you know you have a healthy chick? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

▪ Your chick should be vibrant and active.

▪ Your chick should vocalize contentedly. Is your … Read the rest


When I think of backyard farming, the word that comes to mind is simplicity. Simplicity is the art of getting away from the complexities of life and enjoying the peace and harmony of capturing the harvest at home.  To … Read the rest

Heritage Breed Preservation

The Light Sussex chicken is one of five heritage breeds the Poultry Research centre is preserving.

I believe that an important part of living sustainably is making a commitment the preservation of animal breeds and biodiversity, particularly those near extinction. … Read the rest

Chicks are like snakes…no, really!

It may come as a surprise, but chicks have some key biological similarities with reptiles.

For one, chicks cannot regulate their
body temperature after hatching, which means their internal temperature varies with their environment. For this reason, chicks are classified … Read the rest