Chicken Health

iChicken exists in large part because we care about chicken health!

Our team, both producers and veterinarians, have spent many years in the poultry industry. We have seen all kinds of chickens, from happy, healthy birds to unhappy, sick birds. Through iChicken blog posts and videos, we will explain the best ways to keep your birds healthy and happy. We will teach you about:

The main threats to the health of your chickens:

How to spot potential problems and how to know if your birds are well.

Diseases, viruses, parasites or bacteria you shouldbe aware of:

How to protect your birds from environmental threats, and the type of shelter or coop your chickens need to maintain their health and safety.

Your chicken’s “normal”?

What is “normal” chicken behavior? How does a healthy chicken behave and how to spot an unhealthy chicken. What you can do to treat a chicken and what should be left to the experts.