Farm to Fork

One of the best benefits of raising backyard chickens: they provide us with delicious, nutritious food!

At iChicken, we love eating eggs. (We also love eating chicken!) We want to show you the many ways you can incorporate your healthy eggs and chicken into your balanced diet. In our blogs you will learn:

Recipes for delicious, nutritious meals.

The iChicken family whips up amazing dishes with the contents of our coops and our gardens. Prepare your taste buds for a little slice of heaven!

Backyard gardening.

Whether you have lots of space or room for one planter pot, commit yourself to growing some of your own food. We’ll show you how!

Wild edibles.

Do you know that there are many wild plants that are nutritious and safe to eat? We’ll teach you about them! We will also introduce you to a world of responsible, mindful harvesting of wild game and fish for lean, healthy protein sources.

Eating for health.

As the saying goes, the food you eat either fights disease or feeds it. Are the foods you are eating making you stronger? What are the health benefits to free range or organic food sources?