Chicken Feed

What goes into your chicken goes into your eggs.

When it comes to chicken feed, the saying is true: they are what they eat! Selecting the right feed for the right reasons is essential for your health and the health of your chickens. That’s why at iChicken, we take chicken feed very seriously.

Meeting the chicken’s needs.

The feed you choose needs to meet the needs of your chicken. Is your chicken eating a varied diet? Is the diet rich in nutrients that support healthy growth and development? How does the feed you select benefit your chicken? Healthy chickens live happily and produce quality eggs and meat, so make sure you choose the right feed for the right outcome.

Meeting your needs.

Do you want eggs rich in specific micronutrients? What impact will grasses, table scraps, or other edibles have on the eggs your chickens product? The feed you choose impacts the nutrient profile of the eggs your chickens lay and the quality of their flesh. Make feed choices that fit your needs and those of your chicken!