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About iChicken

One day, my son James and I were marveling at some new technology we’d both adopted and how great it was. The conversation moved on to my passion project, teaching folks how to grow their own chickens safely and with great enjoyment. James and I love to bounce ideas off of each other and somehow our new “iGadget” gave him the idea that my passion project should be called iChicken™. I liked it and it stuck!  Some time later, when this book started to move from the incubation stages into the actual writing stage, a dear friend asked what the i in iChicken™ stood for. Well, a lot of things as it turns out. You see, I believe that Integrity is a critical Ingredient in raising beautiful food. As well as Intelligence and an Inquiring mind.

In raising amazing chickens you need to Identify the factors at play and Imagine the possibilities for your flock. Families want to be Involved with the healthy production of their food and Inquisitive kids are often the ones who get their parent’s Into chicken raising adventures in the first place! As a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, who’s spent three decades working with commercial farmers and multinational food companies, I have a unique Insight into how our most valuable and fastest growing source of protein is raised. I believe it is Important to bring my commercial knowledge combined with my personal small hobby farm experience, to anyone who is serious about doing an Incredible job of raising amazing chickens.

As you can see, iChicken™ has a whole flock full of meaning!

Our Mission

At iChicken, we are focused on you and your health! The health of our bodies begins with the food we eat, so we’d like to begin there. We feel one of the best ways you can contribute to your good health is by exploring the opportunities with chicken. Whether you already love being a chicken manager or you’re interested in becoming one, we’re here to help. Raising chickens is all about paying attention to the details that create a healthy environment where your chickens can produce–whether you have one chicken in a balcony coop or thousands of chickens in a big farm operation. As a chicken manager, you are caring for an animal that needs full attention to its safety, nutritional requirements, and health in order to provide you with all the wonderful benefits chickens provide–both physically and psychologically.

Not only are we interested in chickens, here at iChicken, we are also committed to investigating the positive role we can each play in living a more sustainable lifestyle through gardening, wild game harvesting and fishing, foraging, and using the local resources available to us to live off the lands we are a part of.

Whether you work on a commercial farm or love rural living, you have a place at iChicken. Come share your knowledge with our community and learn from those you meet here. The efforts we make to live a more enriched, sustainable life will pay dividends in our future–join us and share in our journey!

Yours in health,

Doc Scott