Chickens at home: it’s for your family!

By Scott | April 11, 2012 | Chicken Coops, Chicken Feed, Farm To Fork

raising chickens at home: it's for your family with ichicken

One of the most rewarding experiences a parent can share with their child is to help them learn life lessons by raising an animal. Unlike a domestic pet, exposure to chickens can teach lessons of health, environmental awareness, and food consciousness. My children learned discipline through the daily chores associated with our farm animals. Including chickens, and now appreciate the health benefits they gained from eating nutritiously from the time they were small.

Not only can your chicken be a great teaching tool, it can be a pet! I’ll explain more about this in future posts. Be forewarned that if you choose to make your chicken a pet. It
may be difficult for you to use it for anything other than eggs. Your children may not take it kindly if you eventually decide to serve it!

No matter what you decide to do, chickens are an easy and fun way to unify your family in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.