My Free Range Broilers

By Scott | December 3, 2013 | Backyard Basics, Backyard Chickens, Chicken Feed, Health & Safety

free range broiler chickens with ichicken

Meet my broiler chickens! Broilers are chickens we raise with the intention of harvesting them for their meat. As opposed to layer chickens, which we raise primarily for the eggs they lay. I raise both categories, and have a coop for each.

These broilers are free range, which means they are able to graze and roam naturally. Of course, as a responsible manager, I ensure the chicken’s safety by creating a generous but bounded area around the coop on. So the chickens won’t be susceptible to predators as they roam. My coop can be moved or rotated around the farm. Which allows the chickens to be exposed to a variety of fresh grasses and legumes. They provide the added benefit of fertilizing those areas with their droppings.

The chickens are fed with commercial broiler feed from a local feed mill, and they also graze on the grasses and legumes. Ranging free allows a balanced, varied diet and exercise–all of which are beneficial for the birds. The benefits of free range chickens are many; they receive adequate exercise, they develop leg strength, and they appreciate natural lighting. Healthy birds are happy birds, and our aim as managers should be to raise healthy, happy chickens no matter what environment or housing type!

Do you allow your chickens to roam free? Leave me a comment to let me know how you manage your free range chickens!

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