GoPro Video Series – Free Range Foraging

By Scott | September 15, 2014 | Backyard Basics, Backyard Chickens, Chicken Feed, Farm To Fork

free range foraging GoPro video series with iChicken

The latest installment of our GoPro on a Rooster video series gives us an inside look at the life of a free range chicken. Our rooster went on a free range foraging adventure. Little did he know that his Mrs. was right there beside him to steal his find right out from under his beak!

One of my favorite parts of reviewing the footage from the GoPro worn by my rooster is getting a bird’s eye view (pun intended) of the life of a free range chicken. The primary activities of free range chickens are grazing, dust bathing, ground pecking and dirt digging. It doesn’t matter that my chickens receive plenty of feed in their coop. They still love to get out and forage for food around the farm because it’s part of their innate species behavior.

I could watch free range chickens for hours. Each bird roaming. Investigating and scratching that piece of turf for that morsel of food.  Seeds, wiggly worms, and crawling insects do not escape the keen eye of the hungry, curious chicken. Free range chickens have a beautifully varied diet that contributes to their overall health. And, you can taste the difference in the full-flavored egg from a free range chicken.

Have you seen any free range foraging? Send me pictures! Watch your chickens as they roam so you can learn about your birds and  appreciate their ability to find food.

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