Indoor/Outdoor Living for Chickens

By Scott | July 31, 2014 | Backyard Basics, Backyard Chickens, Chicken Coops, Health & Safety

indoor/outdoor living for chickens with ichicken

I recently considered the indoor/outdoor living for chickens. I decided to build an outside addition to my chicken coops. I’m always learning about my flock, and I learned last summer that I needed to both protect my vegetable garden from my birds and also protect them from the various predators interested in adding chicken to their diets. Allowing my birds to roam free is essential to me, but I want them to be safe as well.

My outdoor living areas can be rotated around my property using my tractor so my flock always has a varied diet of fresh grasses and growth available. They are also removable for storage, since outdoor living won’t be good for my flock during the cold Ontario winters. Materials weren’t exactly inexpensive, but I built these pens to last and to be the type of quality that would contribute to the safety and security of my flock. The sides and tops of my pens fit together for to make assembly, portability, and storage easy.

Here’s what I used:
1. 2″ X 4″, pressure treated for durability.
2. 36” X 50” X 1” galvanized hex netting.
3. Common door hinges; pins can be removed.
4. 1⁄2″ fence staples.
5. 2 “ deck screws.

I have enjoyed these outdoor pens, and so have my chickens. My garden has been spared from the hungry beaks of my birds, and the chickens have been protected from other wildlife. I highly recommend considering some indoor/outdoor living for chickens.


Dr. iChicken

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