By Scott | April 26, 2013 | Backyard Basics, Farm To Fork, Health & Safety

ichicken backyard farming simplicity

When I think of backyard farming, the word that comes to mind is simplicity. Simplicity is the art of getting away from the complexities of life and enjoying the peace and harmony of capturing the harvest at home.  To me, simplicity is the state of being simple, freedom from the intricacies of life, and the absence of luxury.  What better way to enjoy simplicity than the growing, harvesting and preparation of your produce at home? From the garden beds to the wild edibles to the gregarious life of chickens, one cannot escape the bounty that simplicity can provide when you devote a few precious moments every day to cultivate a harvest in your own space.

As I wonder about the external, “the world affairs,” there seems to be a simple root that keeps coming back to me: do it yourself, be natural, and enjoy the quality of being simple.  As I go down this path of plainness, a feeling of bliss transpires.  Come and join me along this path.  Share with me your thoughts and your backyard farming journey! Help me create this wonder of life, the existence and harvest outside your back door.  – Dr. iChicken