Tapping a tree for sap

By Scott | March 27, 2013 | Farm To Fork

tapping a tree for sap

Few things are as tasty as fresh, natural syrup made from the sap of trees you tap yourself! Tapping a tree for sap is quick and easy, and the cost of the equipment is minimal. Dr. iChicken demonstrates his technique on a black walnut tree at the Farm.

What you’ll need:

– Electric drill with a 5/16″ bit

– Tap (can be purchased inexpensively at the home or hardware store) and something to use to tap it in

– Bucket or container with a handle for the sap

Drill approximately 36″ (90 cm) from the bottom of the tree, angling the drill bit slightly upward. Allow the bit to enter the tree about 1.5″. Hang the bucket from the tap. When you’ve collected the sap you’d like, bring it to a boil and reduce the heat, allowing the liquid to thicken into a syrup. Use over pancakes, ice cream, or anything else! Try tapping a tree for sap today!